Always prepared to work hard for clients, Timpany Walton has earned an outstanding track record in areas of law. We are a legal team who will go the distance to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.

Our legal team at Timpany Walton is approachable, down to earth and straight talking. We aim to provide clear, timely legal advice and a consistent high calibre service. Being available to clients is an important element of the firm’s practice. Clients have direct access to their assigned solicitor. As a client you can be confident of receiving our prompt, conscientious attention.

Timpany Walton make a strong commitment to clients and we are understanding and sensitive in our approach.

Whether you run a business or are a private individual, Timpany Walton appreciate that what you are looking for is solutions. Being made aware of your options is important and receiving specialist, qualified, trustworthy advice on the best option for you is crucial. An open collegial working environment operates within the firm: should unforeseen difficulty or complexity arise, clients have the security of knowing that their assigned solicitor is able to call on the whole legal team’s depth of experience and knowledge. This depth of resource is maintained and developed through a regular training programme, which ensures that partners and staff are up-to-date with changes in the law and developments within legal practice.

Ensuring clients receive the best advice from the best people.

Technology has been harnessed within the firm, which enables us to produce results highly efficiently for clients. Innovative in-house computer systems provide support for the legal team, and ensure that clients receive value for money. Timpany Walton is also a member of Lawlink an extensive legal network throughout New Zealand. This innovative resource provides the legal team with access to research and specialist knowledge, as and when needed, and guarantees a total service of legal competence to our clients.

Going the distance to achieve the best result possible for clients.

People sometimes hesitate when they think they may need to consult a law firm, yet a half hour consultation at an early stage will often save a client considerable stress and money. As such, timely legal advice is invaluable. Whether you are in business, selling your home or farm, considering a family trust or going through a difficult matrimonial or relationship break up, the legal team at Timpany Walton will be able to help you. Competent, efficient and discreet, Timpany Walton provide high quality legal advice that makes a difference; we are the law firm you can trust.

Timpany Walton - the pragmatic, diligent law firm that delivers.

We specialise in a wide range of legal areas, including: Commercial LawLitigationFamily Law,  Property LawEmployment Agreements and Disputes,  FarmingEmploymentAsset and Estate Protection and Criminal Law.


Timpany Walton is a member of Lawlink

The power of many. The strenght of one. Lawlink is a network of 18 law firms from around New Zealand who share ideas, resources and business processes. By harnessing and enhancing best practices from around the Lawlink network, each firm is able to effectively support its people to be better lawyers and to deliver a great client experience - every time! As part of our service, through lawlink we can produce a range of legal publications designed to alert our clients to legal developments that may affect their businesses. You can use the search box on thier website to carry out a text search of all the publications on the Lawlink website.
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Who is Lawlink?

Lawlink is a network of 18 independent law firms, located throughout New Zealand, who compete in different marketplaces. As independent firms, members see the value in sharing ideas, resources and business processes. They benefit from enhanced buying power, as well as access to best practice and a broader network of experts. Each firm is proud to maintain its individual brand identity while enjoying the advantages of Lawlink membership. Our member firms say that Lawlink is more than a national network - it is a 'family' where there is always someone in the network to turn to.

What do we do?

The Lawlink network links approximately 400 lawyers and 352 support staff. The board sets the strategy which is executed through the national office. By sharing expertise and know-how, Lawlink firms can enhance the service they provide to their clients. The role of the national office is to connect our members and facilitate this sharing of information. We do this by managing the Lawlink precedent collection, and offering access to an extensive range of electronic library resources and our research services. Lawlink also helps member firms to realise economies of scale in terms of procurement and looks for opportunities to grow our firms' businesses.

How do our members benefit?

One of the key benefits of membership is the opportunity for staff at all levels to build relationships with their peers at other member firms, giving them the chance to discuss legal matters and new industry developments as well as policies and procedures. At our annual conference and during meetings of special interest groups, member firms come together to benchmark their management, HR and IT processes, and to keep up to date with leading industry practices. Members can also access a large number of valuable precedents, which are updated on a regular basis, as well as different management practices and a wide variety of library resources. Read more

Trust, a consistency in the high quality of our work and straightforwardness.

A single Timpany Walton partner is responsible, as client manager, for receiving all new client instructions and ensuring that they are appropriately delegated, monitoring completion of work, and supervising all reporting to the client. Clients can feel confident that they will have a consistent point of contact within the firm who is up to date with the status of the work, is able to respond to any concerns promptly and who is available through a direct telephone line. Partners specialise in, and have experience in, different areas of the law. We will recommend a client partner who is best qualified to undertake your work. Selection is based on expertise in a given area and your preference, as to the partner you are comfortable with.

An efficient, cost effective service is important to us, and important to you.

The firm has streamlined in-house systems to provide high quality service and time efficiency in seeing the work through to completion.Your client partner may delegate work to an appropriate member of staff with the necessary skill relevant to the task. This method of working enables work to be handled in a time conscious, cost-effective manner and ensures that the work is carried out by those best qualified within the legal team. We render bills of costs on a regular basis where appropriate, which assists clients to budget in a meaningful way. In other matters we render our bill of costs at the conclusion of the matter. At any point, during the progress of work, you may request an account of current costs. You can at any time request an estimate of costs.

Timpany Walton aims to establish and develop an on-going working relationship with clients, based on trust, a consistency in the high quality of our work, straightforwardness in our communications with you and total discretion. 

Please see our full Terms and Conditions of Engagement.