Timpany Walton was founded in the 1930s and has, in its eighty year history, established a reputation for being one of the most vigorous, progressive and robust legal firms in South Canterbury. We specialise in a wide range of legal areas, including Commercial Law, Litigation, Family Law,  Property Law, Employment Agreements and Disputes,  Farming, Employment, Assest and Estate Protection and Criminal Law,. We make a strong commitment to clients and are understanding and sensitive in our approach. Being made aware of your options is important and receiving specialist, qualified, trustworthy advice on the best option for you is crucial.

  • Clear, timely legal advice and a consistent high calibre service.
  • Quality legal advice delivered in a way clients understand.
  • Ensuring clients receive the best advice from the best people.
  • Going the distance to achieve the best result possible for clients.
  • The pragmatic, diligent law firm that delivers.